Monthly Archives: November 2010

bandit machine works

Of all the belt drives i have tried over the years, these are the best. Not only do they bolt right up with no hassles, they are smooth as ice, can handle serious power, and are actually MADE IN THE USA. They are also super cool guys and treat you with respect. Stop using shitty ultima and bdl drives and support a real american company.


spartan frame works

Sometimes I see something i just have to buy, even if i could/should build it myself. This girder by Spartan Frame Works was too good to pass up. let me tell you, this thing is heavy-duty! Thanks George

new oil tank

Inspired by Billy Lanes oil tanks, but aluminum and with concave sides.

my mistake, this is the gayest

wow dude, you are a hardened criminal

riding in SD

me riding the steel butterfly in sturgis 2010. what a great time that was! cant wait until 2011

front hub

front hub, nice and wide, fits the front end better than most spools out there. stronger too.

icarus rear hub

I had never made a rear hub from scratch before, so i figured, why not? I made the flanges super wide so the wheel has a tough dirt bike look to it. I started with a solid 10″ by 12″ piece of stock. for all you do-it-yourself bike builders, you DO NOT NEED CNC to make stuff like this, just patience.