the problem with custom machines

I try not to complain about not getting paid for my hours when building things. I understand that if I were to keep track of all my hours, the prices of customs bikes would be too much for people to afford, especially now. What I don’t understand is that, in an industry that calls itself “custom”, why so many component manufacturers are not willing to try to provide truly custom-made parts. For my new bike, icarus, the largest challenge has been getting help with some of the internal components, namely the short stroke flywheels and camshaft. These are parts that will be extremely hard for me to produce at my shop, either because I dont have the correct tools or knowledge. It is this that accounts for the real cost of a build… the parts you don’t see, the ones that take me months of searching and insane prices in order to get produced!


One response to “the problem with custom machines

  • Ron

    I design and build custom software products and face similar issues. The hours I loose trying to learn new tools or trying stuff out to make a perfect custom product. The difficulty getting paid because customers only see an interface and don’t see the thousands of lines of code that run the stuff. The initial teething problems and customer’s phoning me saying ‘it has all failed…’ It’s all a little annoying and some times I just don’t feel appreciated.

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