Monthly Archives: December 2010

Brat Style pan

dig it. japan obviously. check out the front end setup- ceriani and magnesium racing drum.


Me in Daytona 2 years ago

Doing sheet metal work is exhausting.

New contender for gayest vehicle/rider

Chris Angel, besides being a magician, is also a bad ass chopper pilot apparently.

Scotts bike

A bike I built for my friend Scott. He also owned the “Flash in the Pan”. This bike was fun to build because he didn’t fuck with me! It has an Accurate Engineering 96″ panhead, with a dual super B card setup I made. It is high compression, big cammed, and over carburated. In other words, its really fast and dangerous.

Icarus rocker boxes

This is one of the rocker boxes for “icarus”. The original aircraft box’s were pretty cheap stamped steel. I wanted to make a 2 piece box so i could take the top cover off with the motor in the frame, to inspect the top end. I also needed a way to attach a top motor mount, because there wasnt one when the heads were in the original boxxer configuration. You can see the mount on the left side, attaching it to the downtube. I also had to tap two oil returns into the valve guide area, because, once again, this head was never designed to be upright! Hopefully the oil will return to the case through gravity and/or crankcase vacume.

Looks like the “Speed Fetus” is leaving the nest

It will be sad to see her go, but it’s comforting to know that there is another guy as sick as me out there! If anyone wants to make me some insane offer on her to change my mind nows the time!

Colt model 1900

My new obsession, obtaining one of these! This is the predecessor to the famous colt 1911 handgun. You have to understand that almost every modern autoloading pistol in the world can trace it roots back to this design. It was designed by John M. Browning, the OG of badass firearms. This man, a Mormon no less, was responsable for almost all the iconic american gun designs, such as the BAR rifle (browning autoloading rifle), the lever-action shotgun (aka terminator 2 gun), the first gas operated machine gun, the colt 1900 and 1911 handguns, and the first auto loading shotgun (A5, I own one- its cool). He also invented the infamous 50 BMG round (Browning Machine Gun). Back to this gun: made by Colt in Hartford, CT. Chambered for 38 ACP, and is so simple compared to the 1911. If anyone wants to see one up close- New England Air Museum, first room, far right glass case….