Monthly Archives: January 2011

Dragster fork brace

I am making a fork brace for Marks dragster. It is going to bolt up to a brake bracket he already has. Here is the template I made for the more complicated side.

Here is the plate aluminum I am starting with. I transferred all the holes thru the template, and drilled them all out. I do this first because it is much easier to hold this big plate under the drill press than some tiny delicate part.

Fast forward a few hours and I have them cut out.

Here she is all assembled, polished, and then scotch brited. The brake bracket is just below the frame of the picture (oops).

I had to clearance around the fork seal area. This fork is super narrow, so to fit it all in there was a challenge. This brace should significantly improve the rigidity of this front end.


Stolen from George The Painters blog

This guy definitely has his priorities straight. Good job finding this G -L

Acme trees

ACME trees, top quality stuff. I polished them and browned them to match my frame.

Swingarm bike progress

Just got my ACME trees in…they are sweet. Check out I did some work to the narrow glide to make it a bit more attractive. I still have to weld on some bosses for my dual disk setup.

E-Fab tank mounts

Finally have my own tank mounts in production mode! These are similar to ones i have made for my own tanks. They are 6061 aluminum, wider than some of the other steel ones I’ve seen, and super deep. This makes them easier to install in really round tanks, but they are good for flat bottom tanks too. They have steel straps, with billet aluminum caps for the rubber gromet. They also have a true blind tapped hole, not a thru tap with a shitty spot weld on top.

RAH-66 Comanche attack helicopter

As stupid as it is to spend millions on war vehicles, they sure are cool!

making a brake “boomerang”

I am mounting an old jap brake caliper on another old jap wheel/rotor on an old harley swingarm. Obviously Custom Chrome doesn’t have what I need, so I’m makin’ it as usual. I am trying to keep myself “reigned in” on this project, and keep it looking like a motorcycle and not some ridiculous artistic statement like some of my other bikes….

Found a good chunk, trace her out.

fast forward 2 hours…

1 inch thick now.

Milled the sides down for clearance, and mimicked the shape of the dropout with the cut…..

Buffed up

There she is! I dulled the edges with scotchbright, I want it looking a bit “used”, to match the wheel which has a great used patina to it. Now heim joint anchor rod and axle spacers. Oh yeah, I also made a stainless axle to adapt the jap wheel to the swingarm.