Dragster footpegs

Here is one of the pegs that was on the dragster before. It is just a slippery piece of steel with a tiny, thin tab welder to the frame, which i cut off.

Here is the E-Fab peg assembly. It has an aluminum knurled peg, bolted to a stainless folding mount, then attached to a mounting bung that will get welded to the frame.

Here it is folded. You can see the “shoulder” on the male part of the pivot assembly. This lands on a corresponding flat in the female piece, and makes it impossible to hyperextend the peg. I hate saggy boobs and footpegs.

This side needed a heat shied. I asked Mark, the owner, why he doesnt simply redirect the exhaust away from the riders foot, and he said it is because the force of the nitro-methane’s exhaust coming out of the pipe will actually steer the bike to the side if the pipe is aimed that way! wow, ok heat shield it is…


One response to “Dragster footpegs

  • Vito

    I don’t know about you Mark but I got the New Jersey hot foot for 30 or more years. Boy was that painful at times; how smart of me. I say go with the change I don’t think the exhaust factor will be enough to really push you over. Vito

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