making a brake “boomerang”

I am mounting an old jap brake caliper on another old jap wheel/rotor on an old harley swingarm. Obviously Custom Chrome doesn’t have what I need, so I’m makin’ it as usual. I am trying to keep myself “reigned in” on this project, and keep it looking like a motorcycle and not some ridiculous artistic statement like some of my other bikes….

Found a good chunk, trace her out.

fast forward 2 hours…

1 inch thick now.

Milled the sides down for clearance, and mimicked the shape of the dropout with the cut…..

Buffed up

There she is! I dulled the edges with scotchbright, I want it looking a bit “used”, to match the wheel which has a great used patina to it. Now heim joint anchor rod and axle spacers. Oh yeah, I also made a stainless axle to adapt the jap wheel to the swingarm.


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