E-Fab tank mounts

Finally have my own tank mounts in production mode! These are similar to ones i have made for my own tanks. They are 6061 aluminum, wider than some of the other steel ones I’ve seen, and super deep. This makes them easier to install in really round tanks, but they are good for flat bottom tanks too. They have steel straps, with billet aluminum caps for the rubber gromet. They also have a true blind tapped hole, not a thru tap with a shitty spot weld on top.


6 responses to “E-Fab tank mounts

  • Trusty S.

    Hey Lock!

    I know this is a strange place and time for it, but I just found your website and this blog (I don’t get regular internet access) I would have made a call or hitup your shop first, but after some time of being inspired by your work, I have just now found your info..

    I gotta tell you man, your bikes are an inspiration to me, and that word doesn’t even mean enough. I have been interested in bikes since I was young, and have always wanted to be involved in one off work. Due to a hard life, it’s taken me years to get moving on the right path.

    About a year ago, give or take, I saw a bike that just made me realize how much harder I had to work to get on the right path, that bike was your “speed fetus”. I have to tell you man, that fucking bike is a work of art, unreal, and it inspired me to work even harder to make headway in getting onto making bikes. The hours and the hands that went into that bike are incredible, I also recently saw one that I believe you made from what looks to me like a prop aircraft engine, and I said to myself, this guy is a master of the craft. Everything is just solid man, the engineering, the artistry, the minimalistic design just sits so right..

    I’m now typing this, and here I sit just about 3-4 weeks from shipping myself out to learn the basics at MMI working on Harley’s and the like, and I have to give you a big High Five and thanks, for being an amazing artist, and inspiring me immensely.

    I hope sometime around now next year to be able to knock on your garage door, and ask to sweep your floors, to get the real education to begin.

    From one inspired guy to another,

    sincerely yours,

    Trusty Steve

    • lockbaker

      Steve, thank you so much! Im glad you like the speed fetus, its a personal fave of mine, and one that I really worked hard on. Im glad you are getting involved with bikes, and I would be glad to show you what I am working on over here. Is your reason to go to MMI for a future career at a dealership? I only ask because if your goal is building bikes, then Im not sure MMI is going to help much. I think they focuss mostly on diagnostics and computerized shit, less on welding and machining. Either way, thanks again for the kind words! -Lock

      • Trusty S.

        Hey Lock!

        Thanks for the response man! To be honest with you, I really didn’t know where to start, I have some knowledge of bikes from working on my own, and a bit of metal working knowledge from prior art work, I just had no idea where to begin, so I figured learning how to work on motors at the school might be a place to start, but man I’m interested to talk to you more about it if that’s cool with you,

        Building bikes, and especially really turning out work along the lines of speed fetus or icarus is the line I really want to go down, definitely not a dealership career,

        Any help you could lend I would greatly appreciate, more than you can imagine, since my scope is pretty humble to be totally honest ,

        I originally wanted to ask if I could drop by your shop, but then I didn’t want to interrupt you working, just out of respect.

        Any help you could lend, or advice, or anything, would be HUGE for me,


      • lockbaker

        yes please come by, call me 203 315 9908 and leave a message if I dont pick up. I can tell you what I know, for better or worse… -L

  • Ron

    I like these and would probably like to buy a pair, thinking of putting a aluminum tank together for my project, after I finish the gsx…

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