Dragster fork brace

I am making a fork brace for Marks dragster. It is going to bolt up to a brake bracket he already has. Here is the template I made for the more complicated side.

Here is the plate aluminum I am starting with. I transferred all the holes thru the template, and drilled them all out. I do this first because it is much easier to hold this big plate under the drill press than some tiny delicate part.

Fast forward a few hours and I have them cut out.

Here she is all assembled, polished, and then scotch brited. The brake bracket is just below the frame of the picture (oops).

I had to clearance around the fork seal area. This fork is super narrow, so to fit it all in there was a challenge. This brace should significantly improve the rigidity of this front end.


One response to “Dragster fork brace

  • Trusty S.

    Yo Lock!

    What’s up brotha! Love dragster braces, they just look mean, and deliver function with form.

    I gave you a ring today, but I’m sure you have a million you’re workin’ on, I wanted to make a trip to talk to you in person, I really appreciate the invite, I just didn’t want to swing by and interrupt you in the middle of something so I called first,

    If you’d be so kind as to let me know if there’s a day or time that’s good for you I’d be more than happy to take a trip up to the shop man! I really appreciate it!

    Thanks Brotha!


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