Monthly Archives: February 2011

Cool show

I have been a fan of the History channels “Dogfights” series for a while. It uses animated re-inactments, and also is usually narrated by the actual pilots and other aircraft experts. This is one of my favorite episodes so far, called “Air Ambush”. There are 5 parts, this is part 1.  At first the computer animation seems a bit gay, but give it a chance. Amazing stuff, and if you want browse some of the other episodes they are usuallt linked. It spans all the way from WWI to Iraq. Seems best if you watch them in chronolgical order too.


Sneek peak again

Sneak peek

New bike for daytona… come see it at the Stone Edge Skate Park

Honda on a Harley

Had an idea to put a honda kicker assembly on my 4 speed. I had to re-machine the hole from splined to square. Dont worry, its only a mild 74″ knuckle Im kicking over!

Daddy go Hard foot control

One of the finished foot controls for the new bike. All stainless steel except for the brass peg. I love stainless because it can never chip or dull like chrome, and you can’t cover anything up with copper filler.

Luck motorcycles

Frame in primer