U boats part 3

Moving along with my U-boat obsession. Before moving on to WWII, there are a few more highlights from the first war. As an example of how effective this new type of ship was becoming, one u-boat, U-35, sank 223 ships. Now we are not talking about boston whalers here, these were huge cargo and war ships. The total amount of weight that reigning champ U-35 (just 1 u-boat mind you) sent to the bottom of the atlantic was 539,699 tons!  To give you an idea of how much shit this boat sank, One world trade center tower weighed exactly 500,000 tons!

    I also researched the details regarding u-boat losses in WWI- they were also substantial and horrifying. I couldn’t add them all up by believe me hundreds of these boats never made it home. The reasons listed are varied, a surprising amount were rammed by warships, some caught in nets (WTF?) and forced to the surface, then shelled, some shot up by aircraft, some mined, some are just listed as “unknown cause”…wow, scary shit. And when these things went down, they usually did so with the entire 20-30 man crew inside. More coming…


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