Back from Daytona

Hey there everyone, thanks for being patient. Im back and have a lot of pics and stories. For starters, my friend Leo and I found an awsome aircraft museum near Orlando. My other friend Eric, who is a pilot (and also into the same shit I am) told me about it. Anyway we roll down there and find this place; its called “Fantasy of Flight”- a strangly gay name for a place that is anything but. I am going to do a few posts on this place because there is way too much to cover in one. Heres the deal- it is a private museum. The guy who ownes it, and everything inside, is named Kermit. I dont remember his last name, but he is a certified badass. While we were there he flew in from some other airshow in his p-40 Warhawk! No shit! buzzed the field a few times and landed it right there in front of the main hanger. Best part is, there is almost no security because its all private and the guy doesnt give a shit. We just stood there on the tarmac as he rolled up and parked this thing, grumbled a few words to his buddies, and walked off into the hanger! Certified badass all the way. Heres a pic of my friend Leo in front of his Warhawk about 3 seconds after he walked away from it. more to come….


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