More Fantasy of Flight

Ok, a few days ago I posted about the private museum, “Fantasy of Flight”, that I discovered in Florida on my way home from Daytona. Here is some more.

Here is me in front of Kermits (the man) F4u corsair, which happens to be my all time favorite prop plane. Best part is, this thing is flight ready. He flies it. whenever he wants. wow.

Here’s me inside his B24 Liberator, which was one of the few planes that was not prepped for flight. I cant imagine how loud it would be fireing that 50 inside an un-insulated aluminum tube, all while trying to yell back and forth to your crewmembers next to you!


4 responses to “More Fantasy of Flight

  • Trusty S.

    Yo Lock!

    The show in Fl looked like allot of good times! Sucks that you guys got sniped by local pork patrol, but that shit happens in so much of this country,

    My grandfather was an airforce gunner, it was loud, and he lost his hearing in one ear completely because of the echo inside the gunner bubble!

    Next time if you guys break down in Jersey give me a call man! You guys could’ve crashed at my place instead of some shit motel!

    I gotta pay you another visit soon man hope all’s well!


  • Annabel Candy

    Hey, I have a t-shirt like that:) You gotta come visit us in Aus sometime – we have motorbikes and planes here I’m sure. Plus my Luke is 12 – about time you showed him how to make some missiles:)

    Great to see you’re still doing your thing and having fun! x Unc. B:)

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