Occupational Hazzard

So yesterday I was hard at work on my seat pan for my latest bike, and managed to stab myself with a piece of sheet metal. Every once in a while I will hurt myself in the shop, but this one really sucked. The metal entered my wrist and stabbed long ways up into the base of my hand. When I pulled it out I could see the inner workings of my wrist like I was a robot or something- kind of shocking but cool too. Anyway, I ran to the bathroom and stopped the bleeding with some tape- then drove to the clinic down the street. It was closed of course- shit! The initial shock was wearing off and it was really starting to hurt now. Then I went to Guilford and they were open. They put me back together, and I even got to watch OCC in the waiting area! check the pics…

This is where it went in…

it went up into my hand…you can see where it is bulged up.

Doc stitching. Finally gave me some novacane, much better….

finishing touches…

The culprit.


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