Daddy go Hard

I finished this bike just before Daytona, but didn’t have time to get pics taken. After I got home I cleaned her up and left her in the skilled hands of my photographer, Bruno Ratensperger. I don’t have the full set of pics yet, but he sent me a teaser. Check it out. I always strive to re-invent myself a bit with each bike build. I am proud to have no “signature style” of bike! I want to be able to make ANY type of bike, and be satisfied with the results. This bike was my version of a throwback to the biker build off era-  right in between the hipster bikes we see now and the pro street choppers from the early 2000’s. I did a bit more body work than usual, around the seat and fender area. I love how it turned out! It is also a little bit larger than my usual bikes, wheelbase wise. I have also never used a girder before (or even ridden one). This one was made by George from Spartan Frameworks in Arizona. Needless to say he is a stand up guy and produces a very well-engineered product. This thing works and is extremely laterally stiff, yet still compliant. I also tried a new painter, Bill Connelly, another CT friend of mine. He had a big shoes to fill (my usual guy is the legendary Robery Pradke), but he totally killed it. The paint is flawless, but most importantly to me is his ability to listen to what I want , understand it, and follow through in a timely manner. The bike will be back in the shop in a week or so…and she is looking for a home! Call me to set up an appointment 203 315 9908


4 responses to “Daddy go Hard

  • Caleb

    Awesome man, hits the mark as you described it. How did you do the fairing on the rear fender/seat interface?

    Also, blown away by that cam. Looking forward to Seeing Icarus …

    • lockbaker

      C, its just all formed steel around the seat/fender area..all one chunk. Its solid as has a fender support, but it didnt need it… just looked cool. the seat pan is bolted on top of the tail area and secured with bolts that come up from underneath.

  • trusty

    i think i saw a pic of this bike doing a 50/50 in florida, sick!


  • The Paint Head

    It only cost five bucks for Lock to say that!
    For the record it’s Conley.
    The bike looks slick.
    Thanks for the praise.

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