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Getting my natural disaster on

Last week was exiting to say the least. Hurricane Irene really pounded us here on the shore in CT. We were without power for 4 days, and our house had its lawn remodeled for free! I suited up and wandered the streets during the storm, checking things out…

Our retaining wall is history. We had an outdoor shower, but you can see the pipe just sheared off.

The tips of the waves hit our third floor windows. They moved this refrigerator sized hunk of wall across the lawn.

I found my neighbors Boston Whaler washed up a few blocks from where he left it. It was strapped to its trailer, but that must have wound up elsewhere.

This used to be a tennis court.

At one point I decided to try out the surf in the ol’ whitewater kayak.

This is a lagoon behind the open water I could launch from…


Iron Works

More Sturgis

Me explaining Icarus to Will from Faith Forgotten Choppers..

Flash in the Pan at Devils Tower….


Icarus tank now pollished








Sturgis pics

Me riding the “Interceptor” in front of Devils Tower, Wyoming. Scott took this pics while riding the “Flash in the Pan” at 70mph!

The amazing Devils Tower up close.

Scott and me dead somewhere in Wyoming…

What a hero

Found this… fits in with my aircraft theme…

The Badlands of South Dakota

On the way home from Sturgis, I swung through this place. It is outer-worldly to say the least.