This should be good

I honestly can’t wait for this.


2 responses to “This should be good

  • Steel Butterfly

    I never post to anything but I can’t hardly stand it.. First of all I hate jesse and own one of his bike (that he actually built,, Love the bike but that is a different story).. This is going to be battle of the retards.. But the tuttles ( is that how you spell their name?) come on,,, I can make better shit out of legos.. Those guys suck 300k out of people for a one hour advertisement.. Sorry if I seem a little opinionated :)..

    Lock Rules!!!

    Steel Butterfly.

  • Ron Edmeades

    Yeah, it’s a guilty pleasure but program is in the queue’d and listed for recording, and I will be glued to it when it is on. I think Jesse being a dick is part of his ‘tv personality’ because he seems to get a rise out of pissing people off! But then again I don’t know him and have never met him so this might just be him. The Tutles, hmm, in some ways I admire their business acumin, the dollar rules and they are making it! What I question is their taste level!

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