Icarus After Dyno

So after my 2 hour dyno session with Mark, I made some headway and learned some valuable info on Icarus. The bike limped along at about 25 hp and 40 ft pounds when I got it there, but keep in mind I had just made a new exhaust and had new carb needles in. After a baseline run we determined that it was way rich from about 3000 up. A few adjustments in the carbs and we were doing better. We also advanced the timing about 5 degrees and it really woke up. By the end it was making 42 hp and over 60 ft pounds! I know a lot of bench racers will give me shit for not making more power, but the reality of v twins is often quite different from what is written in the catalogs. I challenge anyone to build their own motor from scratch and make more power than that (at the rear wheel) with 7 to 1 compression! I already have plans for phase 3. I am shooting for around 65 hp and 80 ft pounds without raising compression or cam lift. I also spent an entire day riding around new haven on her and she took it like a champ… good little bike.



11 responses to “Icarus After Dyno

  • Dale

    Dyno tuning is fun! The #s look good. Your torque is really nice. Is it flat?

  • Brent

    Might be a dumb question but why don’t you want anymore compression?

  • trusty

    if you’re ever gonna sell her can I be first on the list? Baddest bike ever!

  • Laura Baker

    yeah she is for sale…you know how i do it! -Lock

  • Mark Simiola

    I am looking forward to continue tuning this engine. As the O2 sensors revealed the engine is still extreamly rich under a full throttle load. Depending on the rpm limit that the valvetrain imposes we might easily see the target numbers that you are looking for. As for the intake tract tuning, a variety of velocity stacks or slip on extentions will aid in tuning the optimum length for each cylinder. The stand off you witnessed at full load is exessive and once tuned with either length and or cross section of the port and possibley cam timing adjustment, the results will improve. If I was computer literate i would post the graphs for your subscribers. To summerize however, the area under the curves are decent for a starting point on a motor with only 3.5″ stroke. As for the pistons that you are considering making foir the engine you will probably see a benefit from a design that offers some squish to create turbulance in the chambers. We can get into the design of these later.

    • lockbaker

      I added some 3″ extensions to the carbs and it did make the motor run richer..which makes sense because the powerjet fuel is probably going down the intake now. Remember before some of it just sprayed out! Its way rich for sure… wonder what we can do piston shape wise?

      • Mark Simiola

        I will need to look at the combustion chamber. Do you have another cylinder/head loose? If so I would like to use the modeling media similar to what orthodontists use to create molds teeth for creating braces. We would model the chamber and then create a piston top shape that would enhance the turbulance when the piston comes up near the top. There are several ways of doing this with domes and bathtub designs depending on the situation.

  • scott swierad

    Lock keep up the great work
    !! You have no fearTo go out side the box. A true artist and inventor. Scott

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