Monthly Archives: February 2012

Doug Races Notcher

You old timers will remember a movie made in 1986 called Iron Eagle. This movie, along with Conan and Alien helped make me the grown up I am today. In this scene, Doug races his local redneck biker Notcher in a Cessna vs. XR350 race, while his friends fly overhead. The catch is, Doug cant climb above 150 feet and it goes through a canyon. Its almost viable….  Doug also has an awesome thigh mounted tape deck to keep him in the zone…


Tube Section Knuckle Manifold

I made this for a customer who had a knuckle with longer than stock cylinders. This obviously made the intake spigots farther apart. Here’s how you fix it..

Tomcat Gun Run

Skip to 1:45 in… An F14 Tomcat lets its General Electric 20mm rip. That short blip  was approximately 200 rounds fired. The M61Vulcan rotary cannon fires 6000 rounds per minute. That was about a two second burst Id say?

Bronze Shifter Knob, carved not cast

This is the third carved knob from Efab. Kully did a huge amount of work on this one too. It takes several days of work from start to finish, all with tiny tools.  The first one I did is on the “Speed Fetus”; it was a human fetus skull. The second one was a chihuahua skull; sold to a good friend. Third is this one, a tree monkey. Destination unknown….

Texting and Riding?

Knucklegame again


Dixie Roundup show

This is a show that my friends Ashley and Larry from Garage Co put on.. Im not sure if I am going yet but it from what I hear it is a good one!