Bronze Shifter Knob, carved not cast

This is the third carved knob from Efab. Kully did a huge amount of work on this one too. It takes several days of work from start to finish, all with tiny tools.  The first one I did is on the “Speed Fetus”; it was a human fetus skull. The second one was a chihuahua skull; sold to a good friend. Third is this one, a tree monkey. Destination unknown….


9 responses to “Bronze Shifter Knob, carved not cast

  • john sender

    That is going to be the stand-out piece on whatever bike it ends up on..
    Great work!! You guys Rocked that one!! That must have been a lot of time and effort to carve.

  • Ron Edmeades

    I’m with Brickman. I’m wondering how you even work out how much to charge for something like this, given the size and sheer number of hours it takes to produce it?!

  • Berend Brickman

    Actually… That is a good idea. Why not cast some high quality dupes of a couple of your hand carved skulls? Lost wax method is very close to perfect and I bet you could sell a bunch of them for $100. bucks plus! Nice little bread & butter sideline. And, of course those hand controls and exhaust tips like on Speed Fetus would prolly sell well too? Just thinkin…

  • Ron Edmeades

    I understand Lock has to make a living, but I really like the idea of the ‘one-off.’ I’m thinking of something Indian Larry once said which went along the lines of bike as jewelry.

  • lockbaker

    Could be done… I kinda lean towards one-off. I mean if you can get the cast knock off there would be no reason to get the real deal. Like the original pushrod collars that June did for Larry were carved, then the ones they sell are cast (probably in china too). The levers and exhaust tips; I carved those from wax and then had them investment cast in upstate NY. Then there was a ton of machining to do to make the rough castings accurate in all the important places. I still have a few lever sets left.

    • Berend Brickman

      I understand your preference for making unique designs one off. I was just thinking making a few signature products has sure been good for some builders. Jessie’s 6 shooter cylinder risers and Russ’s sleek front ends, etc. have just made them more famious (and wealthy). It sure hasn’t hurt their reputations; if anything, it has prolly gotten them visability that turned into great builds for customers and likely financed more creative work.
      PS: I’d sure like to know of a good foundry that would do some lost-wax casting for me? I have an idea for some neat risers… ~ Brick

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