Doug Races Notcher

You old timers will remember a movie made in 1986 called Iron Eagle. This movie, along with Conan and Alien helped make me the grown up I am today. In this scene, Doug races his local redneck biker Notcher in a Cessna vs. XR350 race, while his friends fly overhead. The catch is, Doug cant climb above 150 feet and it goes through a canyon. Its almost viable….  Doug also has an awesome thigh mounted tape deck to keep him in the zone…


5 responses to “Doug Races Notcher

  • Berend Brickman

    Way cool… Gotta be one of the best flying scenes ever done in a movie… Even if it was done with stunt pilots and dozens of takes. 🙂

  • Trusty

    dude because i know you appreciate prop planes, and i appreciate strange but useful designs…

    296 MPH in 1932, not too bad..

    Gotta love the weirdness of it, they have one at that Fantasy of Flight place you had pics from…


  • Dustin

    Aside from the stunt pilot flying the shit out of that 150. Its interesting to note that in the scenes with the plane above the bike, the guy on the xr is balls out, while the pilot has full flaps down, and is side slipping. Dude is doing everything he can to slow that thing down.

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