Efab Exhibition in New Haven “Wheels”

Mark your calendars, April 20th – may 11th 2012 New Haven. I will be showing my work at Reynolds Fine Art at 96 Orange Street New Haven, CT.

Opening Friday night the 20th from 5-8 pm. Car/ Bike show Saturday the 21st from 12- 8 pm.The show also includes the work of legendary vehicle photographer Bruno Ratensperger, as well as an entire garage full of exotic and antique cars (the subjects of Brunos photography). Now here is the cool part- the entire street will be closed to public vehicle traffic on the 21st. There will be exceptions though, If you have an antique/ exotic/ chopped car and or motorcycle, you may be allowed on the closed street to park near the gallery. However, who gets to park in front of the gallery is entirely up to Myself, Bruno, and the staff of Renolds Fine Art. I don’t want any disappointment when we politely ask you to park your pro-street-airbrush-barge in the next lot over. Same goes for deafening boss-hosses, giant trikes, import cars with fart pipes, etc. There will be some food, but I don’t have all the details yet. We are shooting for a scene somewhat like the Brooklyn Invitational, to give you some idea…. I am exited because New Haven hasn’t had any bike/car related events in a long time- hopefully this will be a success and become annual! I will post reminders as it gets closer, as well as any new info. Please come show support! -L


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