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Giant Single Cylinder

Found this somewhere, quite an awesome machine.

Built by Fritz Langer, it displaces 2000 cc, or 122 cubic inches. The cylinder and head are from, you guessed it, a radial aircraft engine. Man I would like to discuss engines with this guy, he would feel my pain!


Wheels Show

thats..umm..a lot of work right there! check the license plate

Keino was in attendance

Miss Kelsey Baker

Wheels Show Recap

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who came down to New Haven on Saturday. The show went perfectly- great day, lots of people, and amazing cars. No lame stuff – except for a dude on a tiger print hayabusa, decked out with neon and bumping r and b- but that may have been the best part too. Thanks to Robert and Denise for making this happen. Many pics will come soon

New Haven Bike Show This Weekend!

Just a reminder, this Sat the 21st from 12-8pm is the “Wheels” bike and car show in New Haven! It will include several of my bikes, some exotic and classic cars, and photography by Bruno Ratensperger. There will be food available, music, etc. The street will be closed, and it will be $20 (towards autism charity) to park your bike inside the closed street in front of the gallery. There is also plenty of free parking nearby. Please come down and check it out! If it goes well it may become an annual event. Visit for official info.

JDAM attack

JDAM stands for Joint Direct Attack Munition. They are “guidance systems” equipped with an inertial guidance system with a GPS as well. They can be attached to conventional “dumb” bombs, enabling them to be controllable once dropped. Here is a video of some troops watching one hit a target- amazing and terrifying.

3 Other Shops?

The other day a nice guy came in and told me he had a problem. He kept blowing up the bearings in his rear wheel. He said three other shops had worked on it, but the bearings kept going- the last time on the highway! I took a look at it and asked if there was a spacer between the bearings. He wasn’t sure so I opened it up and here’s what I found…

1. bearing on left completely destroyed 2. no spacer tube between the inner races of the bearings 3. random piece of PVC pipe 4. steel pipe hammered into the ID of both bubs (had to press the hubs apart after the bolts were out)

The hub with the brake/pulley on it looked like this….. looks like the raised lip that is designed to center the disk on the hub was too big. The guy who built this must have just trimmed it a bit with a whiz wheel! who needs a lathe….

Ahh nothing like a destroyed bearing pressed in 3″ with no access to the back of it…

A little while getting all the destruction removed, then a new stainless inner spacer, 2 new bearings, some loctite and done. He wouldn’t let me to fix the hacked up lip-  weird.

I caution anyone buying a custom bike to take time and think about who built it. Does the person really understand how a motorcycle works? Do they understand basic engineering? If they don’t, it is you, not them, who will pay the price- and it wont be when you are going slow either.

“Daddy” at Reynolds Fine Art


Denise and Robert, the people responsible for this event.