Fist of Legend 2007

Yet another from the Efab archives. This bike is powered by a 1947 knucklehead- 61 inch/Baker 6 speed. This was the first time I had worked with pure copper. The front end was my version of a leaf sprung fork; the second version of the same design found on the “Devil may Care” bike. The wheels were made by Rumble Customs- but he stiffed me for the hubs, so I made my own. The front is a 23″, which at the time was not a common thing.  I wanted the bike to look like it was viewed from a foreshortened perspective like a circus mirror.. with a bias to the front.


4 responses to “Fist of Legend 2007

  • johnF

    It’s about time! This was the bike that I cought a glimpse of and attracted me to E-Fab for the first time. Lock, Why aren’t these bike pics up on the E-fab web sight? Don’t you know we all need our drool time. You had a few pics of it posted about a month ago. Seems as though a friend owns it and it’s up and running(without many changes). Is this accurate?

  • Ben

    That’s one beautiful bike – full of incredible attention to detail.

  • Trusty

    This is what takes you above allot of other builders man, it’s not enough that the bike is built to the highest standards, but it also has allot of thought and creativity behind it, and its that thought and artful mentality that takes it to the stratosphere, makes it the definition of “one of a kind”, and yet there is continuity throughout your work from the oldest to the latest…

    Dig it.

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