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Sturgis 2012!

Today i am leaving for Sturgis, SD. If you are going please come see me and my bikes. I will be set up at the “Thunderdome”, across from the full throttle outside town. I will also have a bike in the Lichter show at the Buffalo Chip, as well as the bike Matt Olson and I built. See you there!


f22 Raptor Takeoff

God this plane is cool. Apparently there is no shortage of power. Thanks Pratt and Whitney! watch until the end…


Matts Air Cleaner

Here is the air cleaner I made for Matts Born Free bike. It is for a Linkert m74, but I incorporated some modern touches like the “air cone” inside it (no pic but it is under the cover and mimics the velocity stack like an S and S). It is all hand cut and welded aluminum.

Show in NJ!

come see me

Born Free #4

More random trip pics….

Duel engine triumph land speed’er..

Nice duel linkert setup. I think I see an equalizer tube on the manifolds. Never tried that….

There is a lot of open space out there. No people for miles. Don’t break down.

The legendary Steg. That bike is one that influenced me before I built my first bike 11 years ago. He still rides it every day, and it still influences me!


Ats Shinyas shop in CA. The entire shop looks just like his bikes, hard to describe…

He took the time to look at Icarus.

Born Free Trip #3

After leaving the show, we headed towards the grand canyon. It is a bit touristy, but non of us had ever seen it. Let me tell you- it is amazing. The size of this thing cant be conveyed on a postcard! The cool part was there didn’t seem to be any security, so we could get right to the precarious edge.

Born Free Trip #2

After we left Carls Cycle we headed straight to Cali with the two bikes. Not much to report, just a lot of open road.

The show itself was amazing. It was apparently around 10,000 people in attendance. The best part, and this is coming from an east-coast perspective, was the complete lack of do rags, pleather chaps, new bikes, baggers, dreamsickles, can-ams, trikes, crotch rockets, etc. Literally every person that came either drove their car or rode a real chopper! The general age of attendee was much younger too, and people seemed more non-violent in general. All in all, it was a great show, and I will return next year.

Matts bike won the “best in show” award at the bike build off. That is a big honor considering the level of talent that was present there.

Here are a ton of random pics…