Born Free Trip #1

Matt Olson and I had previously collaborated on his born free build off bike several months ago. He hired me to build the dashboard and primary cover, which went smoothly. A few weeks before the due date, he asked if I wanted to come back out, help him finish the bike, then drive out there with him! I accepted of course, and also shipped my bike out to his shop so it would be there when I arrived. I have to admit shipping my bikes always makes me nervous….

Luckily it arrived unscathed in SD. Here she is at the legendary Carls Cycle.

Carl approves….

The shop was a busy place as we all worked non stop for a week to get the bike done. My main job was the exhaust. I made it out of 321 stainless, and blended all the welds. Matt had some replica knucklehead muffler components made from 304 stainless steel, so we grafted them on. Matt borrowed this crazy buffer from a friend for the polishing.

The best part was when we had about 4 hours left before we had to leave. I asked Matt if we should try starting the engine (which hadn’t been run yet!). He said “yeah might as well”, and just gave it a few primer kicks, then turned on the power and kicked it once and it started right up. Amazing how good Matt is at building knucklehead motors- such confidence! People you get what you pay for in this business. Matt and Carl are perfect examples. Next- the trip from South Dakota to California….


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