Matts Air Cleaner

Here is the air cleaner I made for Matts Born Free bike. It is for a Linkert m74, but I incorporated some modern touches like the “air cone” inside it (no pic but it is under the cover and mimics the velocity stack like an S and S). It is all hand cut and welded aluminum.


2 responses to “Matts Air Cleaner

  • johnF

    Lock, I’ve been meaning to ask about Matt’s dash. I’ve only seen one decent picture, but it was beautiful. It looked cast in the pic…but I’m guessing it’s sheet. If it’s sheet, is the upper part welded to the lower. Or is it just a really tight finished fit? Also I’m going to try to make it up to the Brooklyn Inv. are you still planning on having some bikes there? I’d love to finally see some in the flesh. JohnF

    • lockbaker

      J, yeah the dash was 2 pieces welded at the upper edge by the top tree. Glad you like it! I havnt spoken to keino yet about brooklyn, and I never want to assume I am invited. You can always stop by the shop, just give me a heads up -L

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