Efab Air Traffic Controller

The never-ending quest for perfect intake air flow…




3 responses to “Efab Air Traffic Controller

  • Shane

    Ok, maybe you or someone else reading this comment can beat me to it, since I don’t really have the machinery to make this as easy as it could be. I am working on something very simular for my s&s E on my 1000cc iron head, basically a very very short velo stack. My next improvement will be to add a spiral ridged texture to the cone and mouth of the stack. Thx for your inspiration- Shane

  • lockbaker

    glad you like it! what you have to remember is that, essentially, for normal riding the s and s air cleaner design is perfect. I have spent a lot of time trying to make something different, but that works just as well. I have had mixed results with open stacks. They always work fine in the slow jet, but sometimes at faster speeds, say 60 and up, there is too much turbulence created by the air rushing over the end. I assume it works on drag bikes because their throttle is always wide open and the vacuum of the engine can overcome the turbulence. For regular highway riding, its is a different story..

  • topock

    man, next to no cleaning on the edge of the welds….

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