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Born Free Bike

New pic of the bike Matt and I built for born free…



V Twin Museum

The V twin museum in Newburg NY was the start of the Cannonball. Everyone got about an hour before the start of the race to get some food and check out the museum. It is probably the best collection of motorcycles I have even seen under one roof. Everything from turn of the century motorcycles to modern bikes, with an amazing array of random 1970’s and 80’s choppers. If you live in the new england area- go there!











Wild Magazine

Cannonball Fun

Pulling Matt’s motor in the parking lot of a motel. The tappets cracked, and to replace them you have to pull the heads! Cant do that in the frame…




If it looks like I am confused in these pics- it’s because I was. I was not very familiar with how these bikes worked. I know a bit more now thanks to Matt.

Here are more random Cannonball pics:






Back From an Epic One

A few weeks ago I packed up the “Interceptor” and headed towards the start of the “Cannonball” race in NY. Little did I know I would ride all the way to California! Here are a few random pics.. more coming.

Interceptor Exhaust Finished


I packed the entire box with fiberglass before attaching the aluminum cover




Ready! I sounds great- very carish, but still with the harley cadence obviously

Interceptor Exhaust 2

moving towards the muffler, which will be automotive inspired.

The muffler is attached to the bike by three hollow studs welded through the back wall of the muffler body. Long bolts go through the back wall, through the studs, through the transmission side cover, and into the case.



Core will consist of two perforated tubes, siamesed together at the outlet, and surrounded by fiberglass.

more comin….