Interceptor Exhaust Finished


I packed the entire box with fiberglass before attaching the aluminum cover




Ready! I sounds great- very carish, but still with the harley cadence obviously


5 responses to “Interceptor Exhaust Finished

  • Ron

    Lock, I just think it looks a little boxy. I realize ‘who cares what you think Ron’ but that’s my opinion. I’m sure it works great and sounds awesome though.

  • Trusty


    1. I think I went too far with this response. 🙂

    2. This is not a direct response to Ron, not at all meant as a criticism of his opinion, everyone has their tastes

    dig the hell out of it personally.

    The shape and design of the air ram and the exhaust here coincide in the lines of the bike (especially the rear tail) in a way that creates a truly unique flow. It takes soul to break old traditions with “choppers”, this kind of approach is great in my opinion, it stirs the pot. The artistic notions are there when you look, and they are strong. I think it takes a certain taste to note the industrial/modernist contexts at play, or see beauty in what I would refer to as “awkward” qualities, or maybe I just take bikes too seriously. There are many artistic movements in the 20th century that pushed similar boundaries, constructivist, gutai, dada(might be extreme in this case) post modernist theories as a whole in fact.

    I think what’s really great that happens with Lock’s work is that it’s pushing design boundaries, in a subtle enough way to find new ground, and keep it fun to create, however he’s an engineer at heart so the functionality has to always remain constant.

    Motorcycle building, coming from the direction “known history of custom bikes” leads to an surprisingly boring selection of bikes today, and the irony is, allot of what people repeat in their own builds today (especially in “period correct” builds) was intentionally created as a radical move many years ago in it’s time (apes, gas tank shapes, fenders, lights, you name it) much like this exhaust, to push function and form in a new direction, with creativity, artfulness, and at its base, engineering as a motivation.

    I remember Lock telling me that he wanted to find a purpose for all of the tabs already on a stock bike frame, this is artistic in philosophy/engineering at its base, sure it may be a stretch, but think about Rothko for a second, sure he was sort of a jerk but forget that and just think about the fact that he was a great painter, and maybe he painted his first “black” painting, just because he said to himself, “I’ll make something beautiful, only using black paint” sure art historians don’t see these things, but it’s like an inside joke, other artists know that these motivations go hand in hand with deeper ones, and sure there are deeper meanings, but maybe it starts with a philosophical question, in passing, to oneself, “everyone cuts all the tabs off the frames, what if I use all of them for a new function?” This is how the stuff that makes you say “wow” starts off it’s life in a creative person’s hands.

    I don’t build bikes as a profession, but have done it in bits and pieces, and I’ve made art work, and been in small business for years, and there comes a point in life for most creative people chasing their passions where you have to do things differently, sometimes from a point of creative passion, sometimes as a problem solver, and sometimes just to say “fuck it” to the old way. What’s important to note I believe is that all can be extremely valuable, and lead to amazing new things. This comes to fruition through the simplest and most complex terms, and sometimes it can be as simple as taking something that “should” be round and smooth, and making it a perfect rectangular box.

    Did I say I dig it ? I dig the hell out of it. Awesome.


    • lockbaker

      Ron and T, when I build, I need people to have strong opinions about the outcome. this is proof, to me, that I am pushing hard enough. Please continue to voice your opinions- positive or negative. I never take offense and I am honored you are looking closely!

  • Dale

    one two three into the four Snoop doggy diggity dog and Dr dre is at the door…put a sub in it for some sweet bass….

  • Pradke

    Very Cool Man,.. as always,.. I think it would be interesting to see dyno pulls on it,.

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