Monthly Archives: October 2012

New Knife

01 tool steel blade. Camel bone handle with silver pins.



Want to Fly a Corsair?

I have an instructional video for you. Seems fairly straightforward…

Then you and your friends can go fly together like this…


Thanks T!






WWC Hayabusa

heres another pic of it…

Random Cool Bikes

This bike is blowing my mind right now.

Here is a tastefully done BMW. I find these bikes rarely look good to me, but this one is nice.

This bike, called the “Desmohog” has been around for a while. It has a HD style bottom end and a Ducati top, overhead cams and all!

Frame Stretch Finished

A few posts back I showed the beginning of stretching the back of Alex’s new frame. Here is the end result. All seams are braced with hollow slugs with the inside edges beveled. This is so if wiring or hydraulic tubing is routed through them they wont chafe of a sharp edge. Remember, motorcycles vibrate, and even a well padded wire can cut itself  if rubbing up against a sharp edge.

The seams are welded conventionally and plug welded to the slugs on both sides. The bike is now 3 inches longer in wheelbase and 1″ higher off the ground than when it was made.


Building an FXR swingarm