Random Cool Bikes

This bike is blowing my mind right now.

Here is a tastefully done BMW. I find these bikes rarely look good to me, but this one is nice.

This bike, called the “Desmohog” has been around for a while. It has a HD style bottom end and a Ducati top, overhead cams and all!


3 responses to “Random Cool Bikes

  • Ron Edmeades

    Hey Lock, if you go to the kneeslider I think it might have the image you are after: http://thekneeslider.com/archives/2007/07/12/desmoharley-italian-american-v-twin-completed/. Definitely a cool bike, love the wcc hayabusa, would love to build something like that for myself. Not that fussed about having a v-twin motor in my chops…

  • Trusty

    Looks like its a turbo busa too, ridiculous fast. I’ve ridden non turbo and its out of control speed, especially compared to older american bikes, it’s a trip to be able to do 80 in first gear 😉

    The interesting thing is that the japanese motors are engineered for that stance where the rider is above the lump so to speak, so when you put it in front it seems like it would change the ride geometry somewhat. Probably why they built that huge brace around it too. always cool to see people doing different stuff. I’d like to see a diesel done right myself. Not the fastest thing on earth, but for someone who likes to ride and ride, 80-90 MPG is pretty sweet.


    • lockbaker

      yeah I have seen a few diesels but they havnt lokked right to me either. that human robot is awesome, pretty scarry really, good to know people are still making cool progressive stuff like that though. With the knives, I agree completely! Full tang is just a foolproof design.

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