New Motor Mock Up

Here is a basic mockup- no internals. Bore is 3.5, stroke will be 4.25″. That is just 80 inches, but inside a bombproof shell- billet ductile iron cylinders from Hyperformance that actually reduce the bore of the twincam style cases. This means that an already strong cylinder is now even stronger. The motor will have worked over twin cam heads, S and S flywheels, magneto, super B and custom cams. Compression: unknown at this time


2 responses to “New Motor Mock Up

  • Iliya

    Nice round jugs Lock, our Russian friend has been pushing me towards twin cam for a long time and major dislike is “big block heads” ugly as hell, but after I seen these cylinders of yours and rounding heads I see myself in future using twin cam, Iliya from Steelborn.

    • lockbaker

      thanks, yeah hopefully rounding the heads off a bit wont have any adverse effects. I think the main thing that makes evos and twincams not look great is that the heads and cylinders match up too well. Having rounded cylinders and squarish heads make it interesting in my eyes

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