Alex Lerner Gas Tank

This tank is for SL NYC owner Alex Lerner. If you are in the NYC area and need a top notch mechanic/ fabricator- he is your man. This tank is for his next custom bike.

The tank shape was designed here at Efab- similar to a sportster, but completely different too. First step is making the “buck”, which I do from cedar. Then it gets coated in several layers of marine epoxy to make it hard as a cinderblock. This allows me to hammer directly on it- which sometimes helps!

Templates are taken directly off the buck….

Transferred to steel..

beverly shear is a great tool.. we start the hard part

about an hour later

needs more…

ok sides top panel

This was a unique tank because i could tack the top to the sides while still on the buck… made things easier

Took it off the buck, and made the front panel and the floor. Tunnel and mounts will be added later


all welded up



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