Efab Wallet For Sale

Last minute Xmas idea. I made two wallets, one for a custom order, and the other for sale. Handmade, and all hand sewn (as in- a needle, thread, my fingers). $350



w4 (2)

w5 (2)








2 responses to “Efab Wallet For Sale

  • Ron Edmeades

    Hey Lock,
    What thread do you use on these wallets and what size holes do you drill? So you stick the leather components together and then stitch through the same holes again when it comes to installing the linking/card holing components? You talk about building in all different styles, when are you going to build a long bike? Happy new year, Ron

    • lockbaker

      R, happy new year to you! I use a tiny bit, a 1/32″. On the thin stuff I just stich it, but on the heavy cowhide i use a swivel knife to cut notched between the holes to recess the stitch I use waxed thread, about the same diameter. I contact cement the different panels together before the assembly. Long bike? sooner or later I’m sure

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