Monthly Archives: February 2013

The Work of Matt Lamey

Recently I visited a cutlery shop in NYC called Mastersmiths. It is an amazing shop, and was stocked with only high end knives and swords- nothing low end at all- which is rare. Of the hundreds of custom knife and sword makers represented there, one maker stood out to me- Matt Lamey. Three of his knives were there, and the owner allowed me to hold 2 of them, and they had a feel that is hard to describe. They were both large bowie/fighter style, and had a grip and blade geometry that made them feel much less cumbersome than their size would indicate.

I visited his website, and saw many more examples of his work. There is an amazing simplicity to his designs, and as I know personally, making something (visually) simple is a lot harder than making something complex- nowhere to hide flaws. Take a look….