New Bike Update

Since returning form California I have been focusing entirely on the new bike, the “Iron Triangle”. It will be powered by a new engine I am building, which I have nicknamed the “Mini Stroker”. I will attempt to explain why I named it that: It is a hybrid of a Harley Evolution motor (built from 1984-1999) and a Harley Twin Cam motor (built 1999-present). In a nutshell, what I am taking from the Evo are the case mounting system, the bore and stroke, and the wrist pin. The Twin Cam parts are the cams, oiling system, heads, and crank assembly. The reason for this is because I feel that the Evo bore and stroke combo is superior, in many ways, to the twin cam. However, the Twin Cam is a far stronger motor (due mostly to the robust flywheel design) , and has a far more reliable oiling system.

So, since a first generation Twin Cam was 88 cubic inches (3.75″ bore by 4″ stroke), and an stock Evo is 80 inches (3.5″ bore by 4.25″ stroke), that means that in a Twin Cam crankcase I have increased the stroke from stock, making it a “stroker” motor. however, due to the reduced bore it has less displacement than a stock Twin Cam- hence “Mini Stroker”.

In addition to all this, I also changed the cylinders from stock cast aluminum with an iron liner to billet ductile iron. This is heavier, but also far stronger and more dimensionally stable under heat. In other words, as it gets hot it doesn’t change shape as much. This means tighter tolerances all around. I also used a head/ base stud pattern for attachment to the case and heads, instead of the thru-studs an Evo or Twin cam would have had. Again, stronger. In order to make the Twin Cam heads work with my new bore and stroke combo, (as well as a copper o-ring head gasket) modifications had to be made. I wanted to reatain the stock Twin Cam combustion chamber, but it needed to be reduced to 72 cc’s of volume to achieve my 10.5-1 static compression ratio. This meant decking (milling down) the heads significantly. In addition, the new flange system was milled into it to accept the o-ring gasket.

Ok, enough about all that, here are some pics:

I was lucky to have two trusted advisers here to help, my main man Alex Lerner from SL NYC in Queens, and Satya Kraus from Kraus Motor Co in northern Cali.

photo (27)

This is the “cam-plate”, the component that supports the cam shafts, routes oiling, and holds the oil pump.

photo (26)

Installing the bearings on the flywheel

image (7)

Checking the endplay on the left case half

image (5)

Completed short block

image (8)

Here is completed frame. All chromoly, all made here at Efab

photo (28)

closeup of front motor mount

image (9)

More to come!


7 responses to “New Bike Update

  • Ron

    You know it’s cool. Love the engine combo and the fact that you list the tech details rather than, like a lot of builders that I could bitch about, gloss over them. I think that that is where all of the tv shows went wrong and where youtube comes up trumps that is showing the audience actually what goes into a build, whether it be a motorcycle, engine, aeroplane or anything else. Ok, so now I’m getting off topic.

    Apart from having to deck the heads, did anything else require a lot of modification to make it fit with this combination? I’m just wondering about repeatability.

    • lockbaker

      Yes the pistons and con rods had to be custom made to get that stroke and cylinder length to jive. Pistons also ad to be custom made because the evo piston doesnt fit a twin cam combustion chamber.

      Sent from my iPhone

  • Trusty

    Can’t agree anymore with you Ron!

    Lock’s is a creator in the true sense, I’m definitely no expert, but I’ve looked at thousands of bikes and hand built vehicles in general, tons of artwork, tons of artists and artisans, and I think it speaks for itself to some degree, Insert hip-hop phraseology “real recognize real” fits here I think. I can honestly say that if this man didn’t build your bike, you’d be very hard pressed to find somebody anywhere that could not only do it on this level, but with the thought, creativity, dedication, and detail that he does. Heart is hard to come by in our modern microwave era, but it’s definitely out there, just gotta find it.

    It takes guts and soul to make what you want to make, follow your own path etc. It’s tough, and drawing a balance that’s tough in a medium like making a custom vehicle, where you are trying to balance your creative notions, functional reality, engineering etc, is complex. Even then there are fewer people who will be able to see that work that’s gone in, and truly appreciate it, and know what it’s worth is in relation to others ( not necessarily monetary worth, I mean more intangible “worth” as a virtue)

    I appreciate Mr. Bakers work on all those levels, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s a super cool dude too 😉

    • lockbaker

      T, kind words as always- thanks dude!

    • Ron

      Trusty, I think you misunderstood what I was saying. I did compliment Lock on his work and believe if anybody can be given the title ‘Renaissance Man’ it would be him; he is sculptor, artist, designer, engineer of the highest caliber and good looking to boot. My comments, which I think you thought I was applying to Lock were in fact directed at ‘other’ builders or tv programs whereby the art and engineering is eschewed in favor of conflict.

      Believe me, I’ve tried and built ‘stuff’ for myself and truly appreciate the work and craftsmanship that goes into what Lock produces; and there are only a few individuals available for public consumption who can have this level of skill and deal with the online comments.

      Lock: my statement in regard to ‘repeatability’ was two pronged and goes something like this: If ‘I’ owned this bike and broke the motor could I fix it myself. Secondly, if I asked you for the specs could ‘I’ build one. The conclusion that I came to was ‘no’ I (as in me) could not do it, that fills me with awe. Any project starts with the ‘I wonder’ statement.

      Lock, I also wanted to say ‘thanks’ – I know my questions have been daft at times but you have always given me an honest answer, thanks!

      I just wanted to set that one straight.

      Now can we have a group hug?

  • trusty

    no way ron !! I was agreeing with you 100% no misunderstanding!


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