New Random Bikes, and a Car

from d wrenched




miller aero coupe


xs 650


4 responses to “New Random Bikes, and a Car

  • Ron

    I must be running a special on putting my foot in it this week as I ended up in a ‘tete-a-tete’ with DWrenched George over the top pic as I was skeptical about the sprotor; and all I said was that I had a concern about oil on the pads given the narrow surface area of the rotor. I’m beginning to think english is my second language which just leaves me wondering what is my first!

    But yes, they are all very cool and wonder what all of them are like to ride/drive.

    • lockbaker

      Ive never used a sprotor, but i assume the same thing- oil to close to pads. But many builders use them successfully. Anybody have experience with one?

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  • trusty

    imho sprotor = bad news had a friend that jammed the rear brakes with one and snapped a chain resulting in about 60 stiches holding his calf muscle together yikes and then like you guys said brake rotors should be dry surfaces etc

    also that hot rod you posted has some crazy history man essentially the predecessor to all modern race vehicles with four wheels

    another dude made this incredible new take on it a couple years back too some ridiculous metal work here…

  • dWrenched George

    I haven”t either… But like I told Ron on faceb0_Ok I asked a few peeps that ride sprotors and they said it’s ok… 😀

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