Iron Triangle Fender

The fender for my new bike (for the brooklyn invitational, then artistry in iron), has an entirely stainless steel rear fender. Recently I made the wiring conduit that leads the taillight wires from the frame backbone to the taillight location at the rear of the fender. To curve the thin walled tubing, I used a low-tech method that works well for tubing too thin to be formed in my roller- torch bending. Common thought is that using a torch to heat and bend thin tubing would result in the tube collapsing and “pinching”, but thats not the case if done right. By heating a large area of the tube to an even cherry red, and applying soft pressure, a perfect curve can be achieved!

here she is finished and installed:

fender 1


fender 2


fender 3


3 responses to “Iron Triangle Fender

  • Ben

    Brilliant attention to detail!

  • Ron

    I have heard of guys filling the tube with sand, sealing the ends and then heating and bending. Not so much heat is required and the sand ensures that the tube will not deform (pinch). I have not tried this technique myself, as I said I have ‘heard’ of guys doing it.

    Again, nice work Lock. Also, nice to see someone post the ‘other’ stuff that goes into putting a fender on your bike. Usually it’s just the metal work bit (yes which I also like) that is involved in making the fender itself.

    • lockbaker

      thanks R. The way I look at it, there is no one component on a machine that is any more or less important than another. If one thing fails, the bike wont function, be that a piston or a simple tailight

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