Brooklyn Invitational 2013

I finished the Iron Triangle, minus a little tuning, for the this show. Satya, Alex, and Alfredo all came through for me, helping me do the last few days of fabrication.



bI 1














Alfredo rode the Speed Fetus into the city from branfordbi8




2 responses to “Brooklyn Invitational 2013

  • John Foster

    Hi Lock, So glad you were able to wrap it up in time for the show. Wish I could have made it up this year. Needless to say, the bike looks awesome. Can’t wait to get lots of good close ups(website?). And also an update on the engine once you get it dialed in… Congrats. Well done as always, JohnF

  • Ty

    Was just looking again at that mountain bike looking one. That might be the motor out of a Blast. Neat stuff.

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