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Cycle Source Survey

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Knucklegame on Dwrenched

Trolling the Internet

Interesting dual carb knuckle…

cool bike


Some very tasteful ducatis…

This one is Hazon Motor Works

hazon motor works


not sure on this one…


Back From Artistry 2013

sorry about the lack of posts, but i have been on the road for what seems like forever! Left Branford 3 weeks ago in a budget rent-a-truck bound for Cali, with a few stops along the way. Michael Lichter was the first stop, in Boulder CO, for photo session with the Speed Fetus and Iron Triangle.

Next up was the Artistry in Iron show in Las Vegas. I was invited this year- an honor to say the least. Here are a bunch of pics in no particular order…

art 1

art 10

art 11

art 12

art 14

art 16

art 2

art 3


art 6


art 7


art 9


more coming soon……