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F of F

P-51! Cadillac of the sky! -Christian Bale, Empire of the Sun


More pics from Fantasy of Flight

I still have a few more cool pics from the museum I visited in FL a while back. These are a few antique aircraft engines. I don’t recall the exact years or makes, but they are WWI era.

Check out the pushrod /rocker arrangement on the second pic. Looks like the outside of the tube acts as a “puller” rod for the intake, while the inner rod is a “pusher” for the exhaust strange but cool. Id like to see the cam compartment on this thing. Liquid cooled too- done in a very logical way. Too bad it wasnt running- I bet it’s quite a sight!

Steel Butterfly pics

from chopcult article

Chop Cult article on my bike

Chop Cult is a cool blog that was kind enough to feature a few of my bikes recently. Click the link below. Once there, scroll back and the “speed fetus” is on there too, as well as my friend Leo’s “steel panther”. Thanks guys!


Old pic

Daytona a few years ago with vibes crew.

More F of F

internally supercharged v 12 anyone? don’t worry, if it breaks he has a few spare ones lying around…

More Fantasy of Flight

Ok, a few days ago I posted about the private museum, “Fantasy of Flight”, that I discovered in Florida on my way home from Daytona. Here is some more.

Here is me in front of Kermits (the man) F4u corsair, which happens to be my all time favorite prop plane. Best part is, this thing is flight ready. He flies it. whenever he wants. wow.

Here’s me inside his B24 Liberator, which was one of the few planes that was not prepped for flight. I cant imagine how loud it would be fireing that 50 inside an un-insulated aluminum tube, all while trying to yell back and forth to your crewmembers next to you!