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Chop Cult article on my bike

Chop Cult is a cool blog that was kind enough to feature a few of my bikes recently. Click the link below. Once there, scroll back and the “speed fetus” is on there too, as well as my friend Leo’s “steel panther”. Thanks guys!



Yet another reason to do everything myself

Well, I have been putting off letting the world know about the disaster that is CPC, but I figure since Leo let the cat out of the bag so will I. What you see here is the 4th motor I have had to rebuild on account of this shop. There are so many fucked up scenarios I have encountered it is almost pointless to try to list them all, but here are a few: sand inside the motor, breather gear oil screens removed, breather windows enlarged and subsequently “re-timed”, improper piston ring setup, cylinders bored unevenly, compression ranging from 12 to 1 to 5 to 1 with no explanation, “bored” carbs with modified air bleeds that dont work for shit, heads, cylinders and cases decked crooked, and timing so advanced that it blows holes in pistons. Well, The silver lining to all this is that it has forced me to learn more about engines since I essentially had to trouble shoot all of them. The pic here is the last CPC motor to rebuild! I will finally be free! The motor had started smoking about 40 miles after it was “rebuilt”. Since this has happened with all his motors, I knew what to do and didnt sit around crying about it. I just explained to my customer what we had to do. Luckily Scott is a cool as hell dude and didnt bitch either. We discovered a blown head gasket and the same hypereutectic pistons CPC always used. They are good pistons but the ring gaps were always way off. I also knew that the tops of the cylinders were most likely not flat (he mills them down for some reason…more compression?). I ordered a replacement set of stock type cylinders and pistons and we prepared to install them. Once the old cylinders were off Scott noticed a shit load of sand on the flywheels. Fuck not again!

If you look closely at the pic you can see all the little sand pieces in the light. Believe me, there was a ton more sitting in the bottom of the case, and even more came out of several oil passages when we douched it with brake clean. Oh yeah, it of course crossed my mind that it was metal debris from my oil tank (that i made), but a magnet answered that question- sand it was (I dont have a sand blaster). Anyway, all seems good now after we cleaned it thouroughly, and now its preparing to go back together once and for all. Look for it in Sturgis running like a champ!

Chaos getting ready for Daytona

Cool pan

I dig this thing. Nothing revolutionary, just a nice, gritty motorcycle. From Yokohama, Japan.

leo speed shop rocker box

my friend leo’s panhead boxes.  Sweet!