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360 Brass

360 is the material “machinability” of another metal is based off of. It can be machined at super high speeds and makes gold-colored dust!


Another one leaves the nest

They grow up so fast don’t they…. Its seems like only yesterday I was waiting in my driveway as a truck pulled up and unloaded the dilapidated carcass of a 1978 superglide… what would become my most reliable bike. Anyway…so long buddy -have fun on the west coast.

5 hours left

5 days to go


My bike up on ebay right now…5 days left… best bike i have ever built


Steel Butterfly pics

from chopcult article

IMPORTANT! Get it while its hot!

I am putting my personal bike, the Steel Butterfly, up on ebay in  . Reserve price is $14,000- very reasonable if you know the bike. This bike has been my heart and soul for the last 6 years- it has been all over the country at events and in countless magazines, books, and blogs. Own a pice of E-Fab history! More pics on my website www.easternfabrications.com Email me


Chop Cult article on my bike

Chop Cult is a cool blog that was kind enough to feature a few of my bikes recently. Click the link below. Once there, scroll back and the “speed fetus” is on there too, as well as my friend Leo’s “steel panther”. Thanks guys!